Children frequently tumble and fall, get hit by balls or sporting equipment. We and /or our family, can be involved in motor vehicle or sporting accidents. Fortunately, ACC makes treatment more accessible, with co-payment.

Osteopathic treatment, as soon as possible after injury, will facilitate recovery. Treatment will increase blood flow, improve drainage and restore balance to the body.

Osteopathy is recognised by Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) as a treatment modality and I am an ACC registered provider. There is no need to get a referral from your GP to be covered. You can come directly to the clinic and complete an ACC45 form detailing how you sustained your physical injury.

Presenting with pain is not grounds for ACC. The symptoms you are experiencing need to have a causal link to an accident resulting in injury; an event that involves force or resistance external to the human body. Common examples are being hit by something (car, bike, sporting equipment) or falling/slipping and impacting the ground or object.

It is important to discuss your injury story at the beginning of your consultation. Then, subject to physical findings, the osteopath will determine whether you are eligible for ACC. If so, ACC will pay a subsidy towards treatments. The number of treatments given varies, and is dependent on the injury type and the site of the body to which it occurred. It is possible to have other forms of treatment, ie. physiotherapy or acupuncture, alongside osteopathy under the same claim.