Osteopathy is a non-invasive holistic approach to medicine, balancing all the systems of the body, musculoskeletal, nervous, circulatory and lymphatic, to maximise health and well-being. Discovered by Dr Andrew Still in the late 1800s, Osteopathy is a drugless method of healing.

Osteopathy can be described using the analogy of an orchestra. The performance commences as the conductor tunes in the different sections: strings, brass, woodwind and percussion.

The focus will shift from part to part, bringing a violin, a cello, a flute into synchronisation with the whole. The conductor directs the performance, unifying the parts, to create and shape a musical masterpiece.This is not unlike the osteopath, who facilitates the process of unifying the parts of the body to be in tune to create a balanced whole body system.

Applicable exercise/stretches will be prescribed, and postural advice given along with lifestyle recommendations. As primary healthcare providers, referral for imaging or further investigation by other health professionals may be given.


“Allow physiologic function within to manifest its own unerring potency rather than applying a blind force from without”