Elongate your spine

Elongate your spine

Downward facing dog is a yoga pose that is so good for our bodies: addressing back pain and stiffness from daily activity, poor posture and tiredness.

It has many health benefits such as building bone density - so important as we age and our risk of osteoporosis increases - as it directs weight through the arms and shoulders increasing upper body strength. It encourages blood flow because our heart is above our head in this inverted posture thereby stimulating both our organs and energising the body.

The shape formed in this pose (an upside down letter V) creates a wonderful stretch, both elongating our whole spine, and opening up the back of the legs, releasing muscular tension from the thighs to feet. As you work into the pose, aim to deepen your breathing, allowing the body and mind to relax.

Be mindful in the pose.

  1. Press your hands firmly into the floor, roll your upper arms away from your ears.
  2. Engage your arm muscles and broaden your upper back.
  3. Make the most of gravity to feel your spine gently and naturally re-aligning.
  4. Slowly bend and straighten your knees to maximise the stretch through your hamstrings and work with gently taking your heels up and down to the floor.    

enjoy the feeling of stimulating and energising the body