3-way hip stretch

3-way hip stretch

Lie on your back, knees straight, feet together.
Lengthen the lower back and tail bone away from the waist.

Part 1:  In the midline

  1. Keep left leg firm on floor.
  2. Bend the right knee and catch the foot with a belt or stretchy strap; hold with both hands.
  3. While keeping the left thigh down, straighten the right leg, pointing the toes back towards the floor.
  4. Use the breath to slowly take the teg towards the head; keep the leg in the midline.
  5. Feel the stretch down the back of the thigh.
  6. Use the breath, on the inhalation bring the leg closer to the head.

This stretch, Supta Padangusthasana, releases the lower back by lengthening the hamstrings.

Part 2: Away from the midline

  1. Keep the left side of the body firmly on floor.
  2. Place the strap in right hand and take the right leg away from the body as far as can (away from the midline) without the trunk rolling towards the right.
  3. Use the left hand to stabilise the body on the left side if needed.

Feel the stretch in the inner thigh.

Part 3: Across the midline

  1. Take the strap into left hand.
  2. Raise the right leg as in part 1 and then take right leg across the midline, until you feel the stretch across the right buttock and into the back of the right thigh.
  3. Breath into the stretch and feel the release muscularly and neurally.

Repeat these 3 parts for the left leg now

3 way hip stretch

enjoy the feeling of this releasing stretch